Eco-Friendly, Easy Living

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Recycling hasn’t always proven to be the most reliable solution, so our first choice should always be to reduce and reuse with recycling as the last resort. Being mindful to choose glass over plastic, refill containers whenever possible and choose reusable or biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags. Choosing bars of soap and shampoo bars instead of body wash reduces our reliance on plastic containers. Cleaning ourselves and our homes with eco friendly products that have less perfumes and phosphates is a simple way to take care of our environment. Becoming more mindful consumers empowers us to take responsibility for our relationship with our environment and allows us to live more harmoniously with nature. A shift in our consciousness with small behavioral adaptations can have a big impact not only on our environment but our self awareness of our roll in the family, community and eco-system. Every little bit helps. Pura Vida!!