Enjoying the Rains

Well, rainy season is well underway with afternoon showers and overnight rains occurring more frequently now. Here at the top of the mountain where we receive a little more rain and a lot more cloud cover, we have said goodbye to our delicate salad bowl veggies growing in the garden. We still have tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers and peas growing under the cover of the nursery but we have pulled them out of the other beds for now. Instead of leaving those beds bare which could lead to losing our topsoil and soil nutrients, we have filled the space with flowering plants. The beautiful flowers not only add an attractive burst of color to the garden but also attract the beneficial insects. The beneficial birds and insects are the ones that act as pollinators and predators and reduce our need for repellants. The humble marigold - friend to gardeners everywhere keeps away not only mosquitoes but the nematodes that attack the plants from the roots. Even after the marigolds have died off, we can bury them in the soil before we plant our veggies to keep those pesky nematodes at bay.

The rains do take a toll on the unpaved mountain roads which means we plan our off-mountain trips for earlier in the day now. This makes rainy season the perfect time to start a project, read that book you’ve been meaning to read, create some art, take an online course or try some new recipes. It’s definitely a good time to find inspiration but also a great time to sit and enjoy life.

Most of us here agree that there is nothing like falling asleep at night listening to the rain and the thunder rumbling across the mountains. In the morning the sun returns to chase those clouds back out over the Pacific and start the cycle over.

As our friend Bob Marley once said:

“Some people feel the rain while others just get wet.”