Building Your Home in SGEV


Building a home in Serenity Gardens Eco Village can be done remotely and several residents have chosen to do it just that way.  They worked with their builder designing the home using their computers.   During the construction stage, builders can send daily photos of the progress.  Other residents chose to be on site while their home was being built and stayed in one of the rental homes at SGEV to oversee the construction.  Either way works.  The good news is, that building in Costa Rica is considerably less expensive than in North America and most of Europe.

We recommend that you research to find the builder of your choice. We will share our experiences with you.   Prices vary depending on the home you build, your choice of materials and the builder.   

Explore the possibilities available to build using energy efficient designs and materials, aircrete, earthbags or build right into the mountain.

Below are examples of homes currently in SGEV and a few more to give you inspiration!!

Contemporary Design

Modern Home with gardens