March 30, 2020

Here at SGEV our water comes from an underground source high in the mountains. This water flows abundantly, however it needs to be collected in our water system before being dispersed throughout the community.  In an effort to use less electricity for pumps and conserve water to be used by others, we ask that during dry season, people water their gardens for a maximum of 2 hours a day.  We have found that 2 hours of watering is sufficient for 1/2 acre lots with veggie gardens, flowers and more.  Whenever possible we encourage people to use river water or grey water filtration for irrigation.

Planting during rainy season lessens the need for watering, that means less work for us with a better chance of survival for the new plant. 

Plants drink through the roots not through the leaves. Watering only the soil around the plants keeping the leaves dry will prevent the leaves burning and lessen water loss through evaporation. 

During dry season, put plants in the ground with a small w...

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