Our SGEV Story


Serenity Gardens Eco Village is a cooperative community located in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica - the lesser developed and less expensive area of the country to call home.  We sit on top of a beautiful mountain just off the coastal highway with an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean from our peak at 3000 feet.

4X4 vehicle required

SGEV has 234 acres amid the rainforest.  We strive for food independence by encouraging gardens at each homesite. We have fruit trees, vegetable gardens, chickens, ducks and fish.  Each homeowner has the independence to participate in food production or not.  Bananas, mango, papaya, citrus, coconut, guava, star fruit and pineapples line our streets and provide delicious bounty to residents and wildlife alike.  We have the space, climate and resources to be completely self reliant. 

We offer an affordable lifestyle that allows us to become more mindful consumers and enjoy low impact living. 

We have lots priced from $19 900 to $39 900 depending on the size and grade of the land.    Most owners intend to be full time residents, some owners want a vacation home or investment.  You choose your level of participation in the community.

The potential, opportunities and possibilities in this still developing community are enormous!

Space to build the home of your dreams, time to live the life you choose.

We are always looking for a few more good neighbors. 

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