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Located high in the lush mountains of southern Costa Rica surrounded by nature. Awake to the sound of howler monkeys and fall asleep with a cool mountain breeze from the Pacific.  The top of our community sits at an elevation of 3000 ft where the air and water are fresh and clean. 

We offer community living in the affordable Southern Zone with lots competitively priced starting at :
$19 900 to $124 900 depending on the size and grade of the land.  All have title or are eligible for title, all have water, electricity and internet available.  Plenty of room for a bountiful garden, a fish pond, chickens or even a total food production system if you choose.  We have the space, climate and resources to live a completely sustainable lifestyle. 
Nearby are the everyday conveniences such as a new hospital, restaurants, farmers markets, stores, services, attractions, and plenty of beaches to choose from.  As a point of reference, the country's second largest city, San Isidro del General, is a little over an hour away down the east side of the mountain. The beach towns of Uvita, Ojochal and Dominical are about the same distance down the west side of the mountain.  We are about a 4 hour drive south of San Jose on the new coastal highway that runs down the western shore of Costa Rica.
If you are looking for a better way to live: 

                        Food Production 

           "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

One of our primary goals at Serenity Gardens Eco Village is to create an infrastructure that supports the growth of organic food with a focus on a healthy environment.  We are dedicated to lessening our carbon footprint.  We all do our part and every little bit helps!

As a community we can provide guidance, and support.  We encourage community members to become involved in the growing of food at their homes and throughout the community.  Banana trees now line the streets and over 20 other varieties of fruit trees are growing throughout the community, with more planned. 

Some residents already have plenty of organic fruits and veggies on their lots, some have chickens, ducks and tilapia ponds 


We have common areas which we can also use to increase food production. 

     A healthier lifestyle awaits you!

​​                          Community

SGEV is a diverse community of residents and shareholders of all ages, and backgrounds, with Americans and Canadians so far.  We  enjoy an enriched life with our Tico neighbors and friends who are now an integral part of our lives.  We offer group yoga practice twice weekly available free to all.

 The local school is in the neighboring town of  La Trinidad - about half a mile down the road.

Great internet service now available to expand our business possibilities and keep us connected with loved ones. 

Nestled in the mountains, surrounded by lush, green farmland our focus here is on  organic produce and a healthy  lifestyle.  We aim to create a healthy environment and improve the quality of life for ourselves and others. 

We have the potential to be a model community for the world. 

When you purchase a lot here, you become a shareholder and share in the ownership of all the common areas of the property and the community. This allows us to participate in the decision making process that affects our lives. 



Own a Piece of Paradise
U.S. citizens with money in a qualified retirement plan like an IRA, 401k and Defined Benefit Plan may be eligible to invest in Serenity Gardens Eco Village using their self-directed retirement programs.  Contact us for information.



U:S.:  248-747-4941

CR:  506-8451-7609

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